PlayStation Store Update: Twisted Metal 2, Y'All

godfather_psn.jpgThe PlayStation Store has been updated for North America, bringing with it a post-Halloween candy bag stuffed with goodies. EA puts a damper on the delicious downloadable fun with a few Mallow Cups with razorblades stuffed inside, so make sure you snack carefully. The good news starts with a pair of new demos for TimeShift (479 MB) and Need For Speed: ProStreet (907 MB). The fun continues with yet another PSone classic in Twisted Metal 2, largely considered by many to be the best in the series. Original PlayStation game releases two weeks in a row? Amazing!

Trailers for games include one for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, one for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, one for Need For Speed: ProStreet, one for Beowulf: The Game and three for Burnout Paradise. Keep reading for the rest of the crap.Movie trailers for The Bucket List and Close Encounters of the Third Kind check off this week's Hollywood fare.

Finally, EA mucks up the PlayStation Network with its release of the purchasable cheats and in-game money that were so popular on Xbox Live Marketplace when they were released. Fourteen add-ons for The Godfather: The Don's Edition are available for download, with three of them thankfully free. For those who want to purchase progress, mission packs, weapon unlocks and stat boosts range from 99 cents to $7.49. Yay!


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