PlayStation Store Update: Uncharted & Classy Pink

uncharted_demo_yay.jpgThis week's PlayStation Store update comes a bit early in the day, bringing with it the promised demo for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a 1.2GB download. It's joined by 2K Sports' College Hoops 2K8 which weighs in at 579MB. On the downloadable content front, the pair of Guitar Hero III packs featuring The Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver have arrived for PlayStation 3 owners, each at a price-matching $US 6.25. As mentioned earlier, the MotorStorm Devil's Weekend add-on is now ready for purchase at $US 5.99.

More free stuff has been uploaded with the release of Themes for the PS3. Sony has added the Pixels, Nature and Classy Pink themes to help spruce up your XMB. But wait, there's more.Trailers for the aforementioned MotorStorm Devil's Weekend add-on, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw join a pair of new Burnout Paradise clips for this week's game videos. Spots for One Missed Call, Sweeney Todd and the Blu-ray release of Hostel Part II account for this week's Hollywood stuff. PlayStation 3 owners who watch these latest trailers will notice the new "Play" button which will let you watch the videos as they're downloaded to your hard drive. This will be a great feature once the PlayStation Network reaches acceptable speeds!

A handful of wallpapers for Call of Duty 4 bring up the rear.

Sorry, no threepeat for SCEA as this week does not add a new PSone game to the PlayStation Store. Are you really still reading this? Why aren't you actively downloading the Uncharted demo? Seriously, reevaluate your priorities.


    PROBABLY WORTH MENTIONING, BUT THE UNCHARTED DEMO DOES NOT WORK ON PAL SYSTEMS (APPARENTLY, ALL I GET IS A BLACK SCREEN ANYHOW) (FUC KFUCK FUSDCU KFUCKITY FUCK ... ) I stayed up all night waiting for this ... they said november 8 in the ps store.. I waited watching worldclock monitoring los angeles/california (Naughtydogs homeee) till the clock hit 8th novemeber.. gofkhfjhfid idfhksd ffkdshgjkfi hjk lame lame lame l;ame gehey send me your press kit now!!!

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