Pong Slot Machine Pays Out More With Pong Prowess

pong_slots.jpgBally, former maker of fabulous pinball tables, has introduced something new the world of slots with its Skill Series line of machines, the first of which is based on the classic paddle game Pong. While most slot machines are based on nothing but chance, Pong breaks new ground with its skill-based pay outs. During a 45-second bonus round, a random occurrence, gamblers will be able to play a round of old school Pong. Performing better naturally gives you a higher pay out. Even if you're clueless behind the paddles, you'll still get something, but power Pong players may walk away with a bit more of their cash.

Reader Jason spotted a row of the new machines on the floor of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, testing his Pong skills and sending us potentially drunken pics. The skill-based slots are slowly being approved in states that permit legalised gambling, with manufacturer Bally promising a follow up with a Breakout based slot machine.

If only they had one based on the arcade game Shinobi and not that horrid PlayStation 2 abomination I'd be a 7% richer man.


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