Portal: The Speed Run

Fine, Portal's awesome. Shooting holes in walls and jumping through them? Whatever genius came up with this innovative mechanic needs a punnet of fresh iguanas. Or a pair of box cutters.

As you can see, I'm pretty crappy at giving gifts. But I do know a good video when I see one, or two even. Watch them, and be amazed, as Portal is completed in a smoking-hot 18 minutes and 5 seconds.

Now, that's a speed run. Second clip after the jump.

Portal: Only 20 Minutes Long (video) [GGMania]


    While that's some pretty classy stuff ... anyone else thinks there's a serious need for some ADD medication for this guy?

    Not bad - it should be noted that this run is unedited, I'm sure we'll see much quicker 'perfect' edited runs in the future.

    Haha - I love all the sneaky tricks done in this video to get through the levels in unintended ways. I'll have to try these out - hilarious.
    And yeah, is this guy is mega hyperactive or what?

    That guy is in and out of holes faster than a hopped up gopher at a golf course in the Vatican

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