Portal T-Shirt: The Cake is a Lie

cakeisaliet.jpg Even though I have written about it a lot, I'm still amazed at the amount of in-jokes, memes and products Portal has spawned. Add one more to the list as J!nx comes out with its own Portal "The cake is a lie" T-shirt. It even comes with their own special patented sassy explanatory paragraph:

Spoiler Alert: In general, anyone that promises free moist, delicious cake as a reward should not be trusted. Cake is never free, people. Who in their right mind would ever give cake away instead of hording it for themself? No sane person; that is the answer to that question. If you are thoroughly confused by this shirt, as many of you will surely be, Google is your friend.

The shirt comes in black in sizes SM-4XL. Prices range from $US 14.95 for the wee sizes to $US 17.95 for the big boys.

The cake is a lie Tee [J!nx] [Thanks, David]


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