Prince of Persia Movie Might Actually Be Good

mariomovie2.jpgWhy do we have sudden faith in the upcoming Prince of Persia movie? Acclaimed director Mike Newell taking the helm isn't hurting one bit (that's confirmed now, by the way). But we're even more excited now that we're hearing the stuff Newell has to say about the project:

It's not a videogame movie. It's a great story. If you had read the script, you would know that it wasn't a videogame. It's very exciting and it's immensely romantic and it's like Lost Horizon. It takes you to somewhere you've never been.

Shut up. Just shut. Up. You had us at, "It's not a videogame movie".

Prince of Persia Videogame Movie Not a Videogame Movie [via gamelife]


    Why to hate for Super Mario Bros. Movie? I know it was nothing like the, game, i mean how could it be. I love the movie though. So very 80's

    But then I love Commando and Mortal Kombat the movie, so yeah...

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