Pro Evo 2008 Gets Patched

pesps3.jpgAnd not a moment too soon. The PS3 version of the game is an awful port, with atrocious framerate issues, but the 360 version has its problems too, particularly with slowdown during replays and set pieces. And that's not mentioning the busted online play both versions have suffered through. Well, Pro Evo fanatics, a fix might be at hand. Konami have patched the game on both systems, promising improved framerates and a reduction in lag during online play. They also reckon it fixes a problem the PS3 version had when trying to install it on your HDD. All sounds good, but a quick glance at a few major PES fan forums shows the patch seems to have had little effect on the game's online problems, so don't get too excited. [Konami Europe]


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