PS3 Closing The Wii Sales Gap In Japan

bridging%20the%20gap%20Sleeping%20God%20Canyon.jpgWhile we try to keep you informed about international console sales, Reuters—pfft, have they ever beaten the original Metroid?—has done a little number crunching, analysing the trends over the last six months. The big news? While the Wii is still outselling the PlayStation 3 nearly 2-to-1 (as of October), that sales deficit is a lot less bleak for Sony than it was back in June, when they were being outsold 6-to-1.

Does this mean Nintendo will roll over and die? Of course not. But it does signify that the Japanese consumer has far from given up on the PlayStation brand. So let the games begin... literally... and finally.

Wii trims lead over PS3 in Japan [via gamesindustry]


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