PS3 Firmware 2.0 Making Trouble?

ps3.jpgEven with no in-game XMB, we've been pleased with the PlayStation 3's most recent firmware update, building on the foundations of Remote Play and adding even more user customisation to the console. But according to an Official PlayStation Forums thread, quite a few people are having problems with the new firmware. From not reading discs (which seems like problem numero uno) to lagging to problems booting the console at all, it doesn't look good.Of course it's impossible to know what percentage of the PS3-owning population is experiencing these symptoms, but as with any console illness, we recommend consulting the manufacturer and bitching as much as it takes if you find yourself inflicted. Unfortunately, while we tend to get excited about firmware updates, any time you tinker with a gadget at its software core you are opening up the door for problems. Like lung cancer and bed-wetting, we can't fathom becoming just another number.

Any readers having problems?

OP Forums [via nextgeneration]


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