PS3 Orange Box Not So Broken?

hl2e2_less_broken.jpgA recent preview on the PlayStation 3 version of Valve's The Orange Box was less than kind. Sure, the PS3 edition of Portal seems fine, but the adventures of Gordon Freeman were given a lashing. Terms "downright unplayable", "slideshow" and "substandard" were peppered throughout the preview of the Half-Life 2 portions of the collection. Many days late and frames per second short, PS3 owners were finally getting a stinker of a port from EA UK. Recent previews from IGN and Gamespy, however, paint a slightly less depressing picture.

IGN's Hilary Goldstein writes that The Orange Box for the PlayStation 3 "is still a fantastic collection and runs well for the most part, but there are some technical issues that put it behind the 360 version." He then tempers that with a stiff upper lip, writing that the "technical issues aren't going to be enough to deter anyone who wants to enjoy Orange Box on PS3." and that "unless you require your games to never dip below 30fps, you should not strike The Orange Box off your PS3 holiday wish list."Gamespy is also forgiving, writing that the dip in framerate doesn't introduce itself until Episode Two. Those drops "don't rival a slideshow, but they're noticeable" according to author Sterling McGarvey.

Unfortunately, still no details on the smoothness of Team Fortress 2, as that game is currently unplayable due to a lack of support from EA online servers.

EA is issuing us a copy of the PlayStation 3 version so we can decide for ourselves. I'll provide impressions of the experience as soon as is humanly possible.

The Orange Box PS3 Hands-On [IGN] The Orange Box (PS3) [Gamespy]


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