PS3 Owners Waiting for Games (EA Games, Apparently)

fifa-soccer-ggght.jpg Sony has the hardware. Consumers can totally get that. And the games? It has a couple must-haves, but not a massive library yet. EA's VP for Ireland and the UK Keith Ramsdale points out that PS3 owners are a patient lot. They are waiting, poised like a lion, ready to pounce on quality games. Quality EA games. Keith Ramsdale, the floor is yours:

If you look at FIFA 08, on its first weekend the PS3 numbers were 75 percent of the Xbox 360 numbers, despite the 360 having a massively higher install base. That's not that the 360 has underperformed, not for a moment. That's because the appetite for a quality game on the PS3 is there and maybe FIFA is the first game to come and show where the quality is. I think PS3 consumers are waiting for the right game and they want to see the quality.

Really? We like FIFA and all, but somehow his argument seems flawed. PS3 Owners Are Waiting [GamesIndustry]


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