PS3 Vs. Xbox 360 (Assassin's Creed Round)

assassins-creed-rumored-20060831055510761-000.jpgCVG has hammered the gavel on multi-platform Assassin's Creed (why don't we get a gavel?). So which version does CVG say we should pick up?

Under a microscope the PS3 version does look a bit sharper when the two versions are running side by side.

OK, so even though the two versions are close, that means graphics go to the PS3.'s never that simple, is it?

The Xbox 360 version makes up for this with (arguably) better controls and we're also told it runs two or three frames faster than the PS3 cousin, though no-one's going to notice that.

So which version do we buy?? They both sound so...ultimately similar. How do we choose between two products that are so...equal?

Ubisoft...did a good job. Flamewarthower...running out of fuel. Fanboys...becoming wildly apathetic. The world...running our of ellipsis...

Assassin's Creed: 360 vs. PS3 [cvg]


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