Pumpkin Roundup!!!

MarkLizPumpkin.jpgBREAKING: Kotaku readers are the greatest pumpkin carvers in the entire world. We don't know if it's something in the writing or those pills we've been slipping in your food, but seriously, we are blown away by your incredible talent we've seen since we quasi-intentionally called you to arms.

As you can see, my wife and I didn't even attempt gaming pumpkins after seeing your brilliance, but hit the jump for a complete list of our exclusive gaming pumpkin coverage. And Now, A Megaman Pumpkin Mario Pumpkin Might "Win"

Day Of The Pumpkin!

Pac-Man, Dots and Clyde

Metroid Pumpkin Glows, Might Eat Your Head


Okami Pumpkin

Pumpkins Go Next-Gen

The Halo-Ween Pumpkin

WoW Pumpkin

Pac-Man Gourds (Not Pumpkins, Which Are Lame)

Mario's Towering Pumpkin Inferno

RRoD Is Truly Frightening

Smashing Xbox 360 Pumpkin Stencils

Another Awesome Zelda Pumpkin

Bad Guys Need Pumpkins Too

Hallow-Wind Waker

Alien Hominid Pumpkin

Probably The Best Mario Pumpkin

Pumpkichu Gives Us Nightmares

Space Invaders Immortalised In Pumpkin

Wario Scares Us

Big Daddy from BioShock

Mario Pumpkin


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