Pure Ace Combat 6 HATE

acecombat6hate.jpg Famed mecha designer Shimada Fumikane is fucking pissed. He's posted a photo of the Ace Combat 6 disc snapped in half along with this note, which says something like:

I played it from the PS1 branding up to the PSP one, but this thing I'm giving up on. Until this, I'd clear the game on "expert."

Know it's not because of THE [email protected] airplane.

M'kay. Hooray for people with too much money and not enough sense!

AC6 Hate [digital bs tuners blog, Thanks Rick!]


    seriously this game does kinda suck im sure even some of the buildings are like almost 2D and its freaking boring i had to turn the demo off i was so depressed... if u want a flight sim there is still warhawk... :(

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