Put MAME In Your Dinner Table

ikea_mame.jpgFirst impressions on this IKEA dining table hack leaned toward solving the dilemma of having to engage others in conversation while supping, instead of staring intently at a television monitor and chewing silently. But having read the creator's description, it seems much less self-serving.

The architect writes:

This table is excellent when I throw large parties. There's always someone who doesn't feel comfortable around large groups of people, and so sits at the table playing video games. But because I serve food and drink on the table, and there's always someone sitting down across the table, this person is forced into social situations which are lubricated slightly by the involvement of video games.

For anyone looking to recreate this arcade ready contraption, the BJURSTA table from IKEA will do the trick. Additional specs and photos are at the Flickr account linked below.

IKEA MAME Dinner Table [Flickr via Boing Boing]


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