Quantic Dream Talks More About Heavy Rain?

HEavyRainPicture%203.jpgQuantic Dream, best known for interactive movie game Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US) has just started four months of intensive motion capture with their very own top-caliber Vicon system for their upcoming Sony-exclusive PS3 title. Do we mean Heavy Rain (picture above), the title they announced way back at E3 06 along with an incredible tech demo (linked below)? We're honestly not sure, as GamesIndustry has called the project top secret, tracing the game's very existence back to an announcement from earlier this year. Either way, here's what Quantic Dream's CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière had to say about the mysterious (probably Heavy Rain) title and their sweet new mo-cap system:

Our objective is to make this media a mainstream entertainment form with high creative expectations...To us, the only way to reach the level of quality we were targeting for the animation of our characters was to use Vicon motion capture...Demand has been immediate and we have actually already started to rent the system to high-profile video game and advertising clients. Our new studio is fully installed and is functioning almost every day either for complex full body or facial captures.

Whatever it is that Quantic Dream is cooking up, we're already committed for seconds.

Quantic Dream buys mo-cap tech for PS3 exclusive [gamesindustry]


    I love how Quantic Dream is trying to come up with innovative ways to show AI emotions... however I find some of their development pics rather disturbing... coz its 'too real'?

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