Question Time: Do You Cheat?

Question Time: Do You Cheat?

wallhack.jpgJust so we’re clear, I’m talking about games here. The post on Funtastic’s Xploder range got me thinking.

We’ve all done it at some point, be it a quick IDKFA for ammo in Doom, or downloading the latest aimbot for Counter-Strike: Source, we’ve all indulged in a little bit of artificial inspiration to get us through the gaming day.

I think cheats are necessary for any single player game, especially one where the difficulty cannot be moderated. I remember being stuck for hours in a room in Doom 3, unable to find the switch to open the door to the next area. Finally, out of ideas and the cap on my sanity about to disintegrate, I found the no-clip console command and walked through the barrier to freedom. I was fine for the rest of the game, but I did feel a tingle in the back of my brain, a tingle that told me that I was going to burn in hell for my heretic ways.

Where do you draw the line with cheating? Is your habit limited to the “unlock all songs” code for Guitar Hero, or have you thrown ethics on a crucifix and loaded up on aimbots and wallhacks to compete online?


  • I stopped cheating at about the start of the Playstation 2 days. I started to find that it really limited the replayability of games. They would make me laugh and smile for a little bit. Generally they would either remove the challenge, resulting in a boring game, or they would make the game rediculous making it humourous for about an hour then I would rarely play it again as I could never look at it the same.

  • Speaking of cheating, I’m currently just having fun with the Invul cheat on OB. It’s nice for achievements and the like 🙂

  • I agree that they can come in handy for single player games. If I’m stuck hopelessly in a single part of a level for an hour or so, and I know I have the ability to quickly skim over it, I’ll cheat. But I’ll still feel guilty about it. And as for Doom 3… cheats were the only thing that got me through it, I didn’t have too much fun with it normally…

  • Ill always use “unlock alls” if i hire a game with multiplayer and don’t want to labor in the tedium that is the single player (i’m looking at you, mario party!)

    like camb3th, i stopped using cheats after the 16 bit days. i refuse to cheat online (unless minor exploit ie. snaking MarioKart). coming from a console background, i never got into cheatmods for PC.

  • For sure, hacking in CS is the only way to play these days. There are just too many CS (1.6) players out there that hack. I’m just figthing Fire with Fire.

  • single player RTS and FPS probably. but using it online in a server is just a bad sport being part of the community

  • I tend to cheat in every game that has easily accessible cheat codes for it. My problem seems to be that I don’t like making mistakes; at all. So if I can simply make it impossible to make any mistakes, I do so. This actually makes a lot of games more fun for me, because I don’t have to go around worrying about whether I have enough ammo, am I going to die, etc. Usually, the only thing I cheat for is God mode.

    Do I feel bad about this? Not really. Playing with cheats removes my paranoid about dying, allowing me to actually enjoy myself. I also don’t tend to have a problem with replayability either; once I’ve cleared a game with cheats, I feel better about going through without, since it’s now about skill as opposed to getting exploded by a tripwire mine the devs had hidden behind that damn door 😛 It also helps that I’m one of those people that prefers good plot over action, so the game being easier isn’t really an issue.

  • I started using cheats in single player games after I got a life. I enjoy gaming pretty much but, since what I like the most is to follow a good story in an RPG, I always try to go smoothly through it without the long hours it takes to get experience. Cheats, for me, are just shortcuts to what I really want in a video game, even if only to unlock a cool outfit.

  • I used to get the newest game cheat magazines every months at my local news agent as a kid, finding cheats for all my snes/N64 games and stuff was a lot of fun. Unlocking all the weapons in Turok was a favorite, dont worry original Turok, I still love you

    But as for games these days, unlimited ammo and god mode just make the game boring for me. It relinquishes the challenge and nulls the very point of the game.

  • I only cheat once I’ve finished the game, for a bit of replayability value (e.g. God mode for the second time around).

    Or… If I’ve rented the game and need to return it in a short period, I’ll apply the minimum cheat(s) necessary to get through the game and see the ending before returning it.

    Oh, and to get all Gold Licenses in any GT game (because I can’t be bothered going through all that)

  • Single-player games, maybe. Online Multi-player, NO!
    I could go on all day about bloody hackers in MMOFPS but I have better things to do. I will say though, that I do enjoy making hell for hackers that come on the BF2142 server that I admin 😀

  • I stopped cheating in single player games since it pretty much ruins the experience for me when it’s a first run through. Although I admit it’s fun as hell to put on infinite ammo and whatnot in GTA games and run around causing chaos.

    Cheating in competitive games is pretty crap, it’s started a generation of gamers who are paranoid of it and use it to fall back on as an excuse when they die.

  • If not-cheating meant you missed out on a really marvelous feature, then yeah, who wouldn’t.

    But then i started relating games with cheats inbuilt with whether the game’s worthwhile… Wasting the effort to finish a game when its got cheats doesn’t give you that supreme sense of satisfaction.

    So now i only have games that don’t have cheats.

  • I have and occasionally still do cheat in Single-player mode in games, as is required to extend replayability and simply make the offline modes more fun, But to THIS DAY have NEVER cheated in an online game (and I play a LOT of 1.6 and Source), simply because when someone else cheats it annoys me SO MUCH that I would never want to impart that anger upon anyone else. When someone’s hacking, instead of hacking back, I go spec and demo, encouraging others to do the same thing (gosh I’m lame)

    But yeah, Online cheating is evil, don’t do it unless you’re at a LAN with mates and they know you’re going ot do if for a bit of fun

  • I’ve cheated at CS:S before, its funny to see the reaction of all the kids who still play that game religiously 🙂

    Some think you are really good, some call hax! Depends how obvious you make it.

    I don’t generally cheat at games though, as most of my gaming is MMO.

  • I pretty much hate cheats/codes with a passion, I wish they didn’t exist but I understand why they do. I’ll only use cheats AFTER I’ve beaten a game and want to go back and muck around later. Heck I hate continues in arcadey games lol.
    The closest thing I do to cheating today is if I’ve been terribly stuck in an adventure game for days and I need a walkthrough, but it really annoys me when I look at one. Online game cheats are the worst for obvious reasons.

  • hello, I play counter-strike as many do and I dont cheat I take pride in that and It’s appalling that the game is so soaked in cheaters that whenever I do well in the game the experience is dubbed down by consistant morons accusing me of being a cheater non-stop.

  • I pay for the games I play so cram it up your ass, you have no right to tell me what to do. If you don’t like em don’t use, why the hell would you want to stick your nose into other peoples business and tell them how to have fun? Pull your head out and mind your own business. Developers are the ones who put codes in games so they obviously intend for people to use them. This shouldn’t even be a debate, it’s friggin ridiculous. I’m sick of these low life wowsers who prance around like cheat codes are a crime, far out get a life.

    I don’t even have to justify why codes a good because you shouldn’t even be questioning it. It’s not your right.

  • wow Mike you one angry cheat.
    Multiplayer games i don’t cheat. Why? because sometimes getting hammered (owned, pwned wateva its called this day) CAN be fun. And if smashing the *excrement deleted* out of some 12 year old who thinks and claims he’s 17-18 then hell, That’s *excrement deleted* tops.
    IF you cheat online (CS:S, BF), your as bad as that 12 year old who’s balls have not dropped, but swears to god they have.
    Single player games, i WILL cheat. Why? Because *excrement deleted* gets too rough, especially when you have a fantastic story.
    I’m out. GO AUSTRALIA
    PS: if this comment gets checked for spam, please don’t disregard the email addy straight away

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