Question Time: Do You Cheat?

wallhack.jpgJust so we’re clear, I’m talking about games here. The post on Funtastic’s Xploder range got me thinking.

We’ve all done it at some point, be it a quick IDKFA for ammo in Doom, or downloading the latest aimbot for Counter-Strike: Source, we’ve all indulged in a little bit of artificial inspiration to get us through the gaming day.

I think cheats are necessary for any single player game, especially one where the difficulty cannot be moderated. I remember being stuck for hours in a room in Doom 3, unable to find the switch to open the door to the next area. Finally, out of ideas and the cap on my sanity about to disintegrate, I found the no-clip console command and walked through the barrier to freedom. I was fine for the rest of the game, but I did feel a tingle in the back of my brain, a tingle that told me that I was going to burn in hell for my heretic ways.

Where do you draw the line with cheating? Is your habit limited to the “unlock all songs” code for Guitar Hero, or have you thrown ethics on a crucifix and loaded up on aimbots and wallhacks to compete online?


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