Quests Chess Tells Kasparov To Try Another Piece

Chessdia1.jpgQuests Chess is the product of an extremely talented point-n-click adventure game fanboy without many new adventure games to play. Apparently (and sadly) turning to chess to fill this void in his/her heart, "BioJ" crafted this chess set from Fimo clay. With star appearances from Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Roger Wilco and Day of the Tentacle (plus who are we missing here?), we only wish that we had the correct items in our pocket to click upon the board in proper celebration. Alas, we have but a crank, some fishing wire and a hamster with hypothermia. More pics after the jump. goodsidelineup.jpg badsidelineup.jpgDiorama-Rama [via theadventuress]


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