Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Announced

tom_clancys_rainbow_six_vegas_2279.jpgCliché opening: Ubisoft certainly isn't taking a gamble on their newly announced sequel to their highly successful Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Standard exposition: Details are scant on the new project at this moment, but Ubisoft promises better graphics, new gameplay features and updated settings. Intelligent reflection: Man, the original Rainbow Six Vegas sure was good. We know because we played it.

Quip: We're just happy Ubisoft isn't dumbing down the franchise with Rainbow Six Atlantic City. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Announced [IGN...who I just saw made a gambling allusion, which makes us making fun of ourselves all the sweeter]


    Excellent. R6:Vegas has easily the best console FPS control scheme ever, imo- I can't wait for more.

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