Rambo Poster Looks Like Dark Sector Box Art

rambo_ds.jpgAs you can see above, it's obvious that they share similarities - the white/black duotone; the menacing stance; the even more menacing bladed weapon... you get the picture. Heck, you can see it.

Ignoring the fact that I had to flip the Dark Sector art for symmetry, if someone told me the same art director had been behind both pieces, I'd probably believe them.

What do you reckon?


    the Rambo poster is more 'Sin City' style. Remember the old posters that came out just before Sin City ? Had heaps of them all over my local Cinema.

    For Example :

    I mean, obviously the pose is similar, but I wouldn't say they're similar. It's that standard 'I'm strong and I have a knife, but you can't see my face' pose that's been used a million and one times before.

    Maybe people in Marketing just aren't that creative and think along the same roads.

    Burn on people in marketing? :)

    Also, Shooter.

    You could probably say the same thing about the original artowkr for Scarface (the film, as well as the game) given the duotone, subject looking away etc.

    It just looks like every movie poster of some bad-ass dude. Always a shot from behind with them looking backwards.

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