Resident Evil 5 Not Playable On RE: Extinction Blu-ray

millas_thighs.jpgSome errant reporting this morning led a few sites—including Sony's own semi-official blog ThreeSpeech—to believe that the Blu-ray disc movie release of Resident Evil: Extinction would ship with playable demos of Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 5 for the PlayStation 3. Sorry, but that's just not true, as Capcom has confirmed.

Users will have to make do with high definition trailers for both games and crystal clear 1080p stills of Milla Jovovich in thigh-revealing outfits.

Sorry, Resident Evil: Extinction does NOT have RE5 and DMC4 demos on the Blu-Ray disc [Capcom]


    So if you played the movie on the ps3 you would have played demos for those games? Is that something i couldnt get from the playstation network? Please. Not like it was all that anyway. (to me at least)

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