Retail Still Accounts For 72% Of Software Revenue

Retail Still Accounts For 72% Of Software Revenue

ebgames.jpgDevelop Mag have just published the results of UKTi’s Playing for Keeps report. Of interest is that the study looked at the total revenue generated in 2006 by software sales globally, then broke that down into how much of it was generated by various retail and distribution methods. Bricks and mortar retail was obviously still the predominant force, but it’s interesting to note the inroads being made by other sources, such as DLC, MMOs and digital downloads.For all the talk of digital download services like Gametap and Steam nipping at the heels of retailers, for now, it’s just not happening. Not even close. The report found that a meagre 0.5% of all full-game sales were made via digital downloads, and that’s including both the PC and console markets. To be fair, this is from 2006, before the Virtual Console and PSN took off, but still. They won’t have had a MASSIVE impact on the figures. Here’s what the total market break-down looks like:

72% – Bricks & Mortar Retail
10% – Mobile Games
7.3% – Downloadable Content & Items
6.7 % – MMO Subscriptions
3.2% – Casual PC Games
0.4% – Direct Download PC Games
0.1% – Direct Download Console Games

Imagine how much money mobile games could make if they actually started putting out decent ones…

Development’s next top models – Part 2 [Develop][Image]

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