Rock Band Bonus Tracks Announced

timmah.jpgAnd handicapped animated characters feature prominently. Of the 13 bonus tracks being offered in Rock Band, one's a strange choice. Stranger still considering the recent South Park/Guitar Hero love-in. Track in question is "Timmy & the Lords of the Underworld". By...oh, you got that part. Other artists include Bang Camaro idea who the rest are, but they're listed after the jump anyways. * Acro-brats "Day Late Dollar Short" * Anarchy Club "Blood Doll" * Bang Camaro "Pleasure (Pleasure)" * Crooked X " Nightmare" * Death of the Cool "Can't Let Go" * Flyleaf "I'm So Sick" * Freezepop "Brainpower" * Honest Bob "I Get By" * The Konks "29 Fingers" * The Mother Hips "Time We Had" * Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld "Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld" * Tribe "Outside" * VAGIANT "Seven" Rock Band and the Lords of the Underworld [IGN]


    I still think the GH3 tracklist was better. Im not amazed by rockbands songs.

    Before anyone starts rattling off DLC why isnt it just included with the game? If its already complete.

    Just my $0.02

    It's all a matter of personal preference really, and there's nothing more personal than musical taste. I own GH3, but i think the tracklist for Rockband is miles ahead of it. Miles.
    Even these extra tracks are better for mine, I'm actually pretty excited to hear the Freezepop and Bang Camaro tracks. I loved their stuff in GH2.

    I agree with Patrick. While Rock Band sounds like a much better game, the tracklist is almost totally uninteresting to me; I love all the heavy/metal tracks in GH3, while RB sounds a lot softer. Though I'll admit I haven't even heard half the tracks on there so I hope I'm wrong...

    Alex Rigopolous' (i think i spelt that right? Harmonix honcho) reasoning on DLC was that you satisfy a pretty wide group with the tracks on the disc and then people can pick and choose to satisfy themselves with the DLC. I mean its fair enough, you don't want every album in the store, half of those suck by your personal standards.

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