Rock Band DLC Prices, Details & Dates Revealed

and_justice_for_all.jpgSorry, SingStar, but any intentions I had of purchasing your off-disc tunes have gone by the wayside, now that I know that stellar downloadable content from Metallica will be arriving for the week of Rock Band's release. Gamespot has details on the planned song list, as well as the flexible pricing scheme that MTV Games and Harmonix will bring to the multiplayer rhythm game.

Prices will range from US$ 0.99 to US$ 2.99 for individual songs, with the expected price for a single track to average $US 1.99. Three song artist and variety packs will come in at $US 5.49, but Gamespot doesn't have confirmed pricing on full album packs.

For those wondering what Metallica tunes will be available, I'm extremely happy to pass on that "Ride the Lightning", "Blackened" and "And Justice for All" will lead the charge. More details and dates at Gamespot.

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Rock Band DLC priced, detailed [Gamespot]


    I love how gamers around the world are getting angry they are getting ripped off by DLC with RB. I can understand why developers would just get pissed.

    We have been complaining for years on GH DLC. Bitching about availablity, bitching about packs and the costs, bitching about cover bands and not originals.

    I think everyone is just being irrational when it comes to the costings, a song on RB and GH are not just the songs ripped, they have to be programmed and copyright costs. On top of that RB has done an amazing job of getting master track which of course has even more of a cost.

    If you compare GH to RB, you are looking at one - two tracks on GH to RB's FOUR. RB has also made them cheaper and given us the option of individual song purchase.

    RB have dedicated themselves to giving us a never before seen commitment to DLC tracks, a weekly listing. On that release sheet alone it dwarfs the ENTIRE collection of list of GH tracks.

    This is not an evil conspiracy by the makers of RB to rip you off for money, would you prefer expansion disks that a released every 6 months - 1 year which is guarenteed to have songs you don't like on it for $50?

    This is about really harnessing the technology that Xbox Live and PSN has given gamers this gen. This is not about developers being lazy, the RB boys have taken on a challenge that no-one has had the balls to do up to this point.

    To the people who say... oh look at all the tracks that could be in the game... Guess what... if DLC wasn't planned from the start these tracks would have never been on the original disk. Each DLC would have been created in anticipation of DLC purchase, the costs of developing them would have been offset against the possible purchase profits...

    See the word possible. Each DLC they create has no guarnatee that it will make a profit, so in turn RB is taking a risk against future earnings providing such deep licensed music.

    Even then, while you would assume that packs like metallica would sell gangbusters, we all know how tight (anal-rententive) the Metallica boys are with licensing, and obviously it would have higher costs than some of the lesser known artists.

    I think people should stop being so paranoid, and acting like gaming companies owe you something. They are offering hours and hours of replay value that you don't get in many games today.

    DLC is not always an evil thing.

    I would prefer to see all this DLC packaged with the game instead of paying extra for it when i get home, thats just me though.

    But its nice to actually see a few songs up for download, unlike GH2, there are still only 4 or 5 packs, and they all sucks balls. I know.. i bought them :(

    IMO, there should be two ways of distributing new songs. If you're impatient and want the songs right away, you can pay more for DLC and get it immediately.

    If you're more patient and can wait to get them for a cheaper price, when they eventually have 40 songs or so in DLC they bundle it up onto a disc (or even just one big DLC package) and sell it for a cheaper price, something more akin to what you're paying with the original game - like $1 per song. Example, GH3:Encore, with 13 DLC packs (39 songs) for $39.

    People who must have the DLC will just but it straight up for the more expensive price. Others who aren't prepared to pay something godawful (what's it going to be for GH3 packs here in Aus... $10 for 3 songs?) can wait and pay a lesser price anyway.. not really losing out since the alternative is that they probably won't buy it at all otherwise.

    Of course, I'm mostly referring to GH3 here; a similar structure could also work for RB, but they're already releasing individual songs, cheaper songs, full albums.. a lot more variety.

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