Rock Band Drum Mod Keeps Music Silent (Like It Should Be)

Drum%2BPads%2B08.jpgRock Band's drum kit is pretty great. But no happiness is free, and aside from the financial costs, the drum kit can get loud. It gets so loud, in fact, that I'll sometimes wear headphones to hear the guitar track over my wife's drumming. But some modders have come up with a solution that doesn't look too difficult to employ.

By applying one layer of self-adhesive rubber and another of self-adhesive, coloured felt, they claim to maintain full responsiveness while cutting down on the kit sound by 70%—by highly scientific measurement, we're sure. For those who prefer to drum silent ninja style, it's a cheap and easy mod that makes your drum kit look a lot like a Twister board. And if the drums break, at least you have that. Time for Rock Band Arts & Crafts [generationgamerz]Thanks Al!


    Hello hello,
    I know there have been several awesome tutorials which I have actually followed.

    After failing miserably at my own hack attempt at modding my drums, I found this site that sold them to me for twenny twen twen.
    (actually cost $25 but who's countin) has these pads available for sale and I love these [email protected]

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