Rock Band Gets Merch Explosion

rock_band_merch.jpgThe recently launched Official Xbox Magazine web site has an extensive interview with the man behind Harmonix and its soon to be released Rock Band, featuring some tantalising new details. In addition to being revealingly coy about the possibility of a wireless cowbell controller, Alex Rigopulos dishes more on the real world stuff that you'll be able to buy via Rock Band. Sure, it sounds like much of what will be done may have the glitz and glamor of a Cafepress shop, but the list of proposed things that Rock Band will spawn are impressive.

Rigopulos says:

We're going to be able to export to your web pages, and from there you'll be able to take your band avatars, pose them, create album covers with your band logo and different scenes with your avatars. And then you'll be able to turn that into real world stuff. For example, figurines based upon your Rock Band avatars, t-shirts with your fake band's album art and your tour dates on the back from your accomplishments within the game, bumper stickers, old records, things like that. Really cool real-world merchandise based on this fictitious band that you've created in the game.

Finally, some clutter I can get behind! Add that to a library of tunes that Rigopulos hopes to have in the thousands and the $US 180 buy-in isn't starting to sound like the expensive part. Simply oodles more details on the game over at OXM.

Rock Band's Alex Rigopulos: The OXM Interview [OXM]


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