Rock Band Street Date Broken By Circuit City

rock_band_street_date.jpgKotaku reader AltDelete is one of the lucky few to have his hands on a retail copy of Rock Band, one that he purchased at a Phoenix-area Circuit City a few days early. He walked in for Super Mario Galaxy, walked out with Rock Band. Good work and good fortune, AltDelete. Color me jealous.

Those looking to get their hands on a giant box filled with plastic instruments might find it worthwhile to stop by their local retail outlet to see if stockists in their area don't know the meaning of "DO NOT SELL UNTIL 11/20." Sexy, naked instrument unboxing pic after the jump.rock_band_unboxed.jpg *peels out in direction of Circuit City*


    Knowing that we won't get our hands on RB in Australia til after Christmas... made me realise that Santas Claus really doesn't exists, cause other wise the fat bastard would have it under my christmas tree.

    I'd like to know if the US retail version is region free and would work in an Australian Xbox360? even with outragous postage price i think it would be cheaper and faster to order online than to wait.

    Hey Wardenjam, i was wondering the same thing, because I do a fair bit of importing myself (got guitar hero 3 about a week early) but being an EA game there is very little chance the game will be region free, because so far all EA games have been region coded. If it was distributed by Activision like GHIII then we would be playing it before christmas.

    people have been saying that but EA were distributors of Orange Box which was region free. Enough speculation. We need a test!

    Well, buy one and let us know when it doesn-- er, whether it works or not.

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