Rock Band VH1 Mockumentary

All the MTV Networks are going all out to promote the launch of Rock Band. Above you can see a clip of the first act of VH1's "mockumentary," ROCK BAND Commeth: The Rock Band Band Story. It's sort of like Behind the Music...but with plastic instruments and everyone's favourite TV host Kurt Loder! The best part are the talking head interviews with Dave Mustaine from Megadeath, Anthony DeCurtis from Rolling Stone....and Mandy Moore? Let's hope this isn't a sign of Mandy Moore DLC coming for Rock Band. If you want to watch more of the documentary you can go to VH1's Rock Band site or watch it on VH1 Classic when it premieres on November 11 and 8 PM ET/PT. Spinal Tap it is not.

VH1 Rock Band Site


    wat was with that only advertising for the 360?is this more money that micro$oft hav poured into sumthing to outshine the ps3?

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