Rock Band Vs. Thanksgiving

IMG_5268.jpgThe following is a real conversation (seriously) that I just had with my recently purchased Rock Band bundle, which sits unopened in the corner of my living room.

"Mark?" "...Yes?" "Why aren't you playing me, Mark" "Sorry, I just have a lot of work to do, and the house is a mess and we have company coming." "I wish you would play me, Mark." "Seriously, it's not personal." "...that's fine." "We'll play soon, I promise." "...I hope I'm not missing anything." "What?" "You haven't even opened my box yet. I could be missing something. Maybe the drum sticks...maybe even the game." "Is that a threat?" "No, I'm just saying, maybe I'm missing something. It's possible. It happens sometimes."

And then Rock Band went quiet.


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