Rock Band Warning: Don't Rock Too Hard

fightright.jpgLike Guitar Hero and SingStar before it, Rock Band encourages partying. And when you party, we hope that you party hard. But not too hard! Because you could get your arse thrown out on the street. Just like Jon Hoskins & Jeff Woolson nearly did. They got Rock Band, rocked out, rocked too hard and too loud, and violated their apartment building's noise regulations. Resulting in a 10-day compliance notice, which is basically a very real, very formal warning that they shut up or they get their arses evicted. So for those about to rock... keep it down after 10pm, OK? Some people have to work in the morning.

Rock band got us evicted [Rock Band Forums]


    My friends had borrowed someones RockBand game and I was extremly excited to be rated on how well I could sing the songs.We had done Creep & Nirvana many times to all try to perfect our parts. By the end of the night my throat felt like I had swallowed a razor blade, this went on for three or four months before I had it checked.My voice had taken on a very raspy,sexy but irritating sound because I also would end up with my voice cutting in and out. Got in to see an Ear,Nose,Throat specialist and was informed that I had a growth in my vocal cords, So I booked surgery. Since then I have had the surgery and had quite an entertaining diagnosis,it is called "Screamers Node". I was happy to have my normal voice back but very sad that I had to hang up the Rock Band microphone as requested by my doctor.

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