Rock Band's Best Bit - The Couture?

rockcost.jpg Just when you thought there were no more angles to be examined regarding Harmonix's Rock Band, a pair of blog posts have wandered along focusing on something intriguing - the clothes you can get in the game, the wonderful clothes, daaarlink.

Firstly, The New Gamer references Harmonix's Ryan Lesser revealing that he actually used apparel designers to work on the look of Rock Band avatars, with TNG commenting: "It's about time developers woke up and realised that game designers aren't the best folks to be doing costume design - I'm surprised more studios haven't already went this route."

Secondly, EA's MySims designer Robin Hunicke has got hold of the game, and contributes pics of her own heavily customised character on her GewGaw blog, grinning that "...the game provides a consistently customizable, believable, aspirational environment in which to create the rocker you've always wanted to be. It's a musical fantasy dream doll designer, plus karaoke and music game, on steroids." Aaand... bogle!

Game Couture [The New Gamer] Rockin' [GewGaw]


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