Rockstar v BBFC Steel Cage Match Intensifies

surprise.jpgAmericans have already forgotten about Manhunt 2. Mostly because it's rubbish. It's still clawing out coverage in Britain, however, where Rockstar's appeal against the British Board of Film & Literature Classification's ban of the game is only just warming up. Called in for opinion yesterday was Tiga (The Independent Games Developers Trade Association) boss Fred Hasson, who argued that it was sensationalist tabloid media coverage of the game, and not its content, which saw it double-banned in the UK:

[I was]surprised at how tame it is compared to some very graphical scenes I've seen in other games which have received certification. I expected it to be a lot worse... I can't believe that this has been singled out as something that is worth banning.

We, on the other hand, can't believe Rockstar are still bothering with all this. Tiga boss, psychologist defend Rockstar's position []


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