Roger Avary’s Dream Film

Roger Avary’s Dream Film

wolfensteinanswer.jpg The film adaptation of Return to Castle Wolfenstein marks the first time Roger Avary has returned to the director’s chair since the critically lauded 2002 film, The Rules of Attraction. In that intern, he’s penned the Silent Hill film and Beowulf. Avary tells MTV:

I’m doing an adaptation of the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I just love the World War II guys-on-a-mission movies; to me, “Castle Wolfenstein” is all of that, plus monsters and horror and all that craziness jammed together. It’s my dream film.

Avary is tightlipped about whom he hopes to cast in the film, but previously stated the answer was in the game’s box art. Shooting could start early next year. That means that Avary could get his men-on-a-mission WWII film in the can before director Quentin Tarantino does. Tarantino has been working on a WWII script called Inglorious Bastards since the late 1990’s!
Avary Talks Wolfenstein [MTV Movies via Multiplayer]


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