R-Type Tactics Coming Stateside?

rtype_command.jpgAccording to a historically reliable NeoGAF member, one who has access to Gamestop's list of upcoming software releases, Irem's R-Type Tactics is coming to North America courtesy of publisher Atlus. Rebranded R-Type Command, the game is said to be scheduled for a March 4, 2008 release date at an MSRP of $US 39.99. The game eschews the lightning fast reflexes needed to avoid enemy fire from Bido adversaries, instead offering up turn-based, hex-based strategic gameplay. You won't control just one ship, but a fleet of space craft.

We're waiting to hear back from Atlus on the matter to see if this rumour turns out to be true.

R-Type Tactics (PSP) coming to the U.S.! Bring on R-Type Command! [NeoGAF]


    YES! i love the R-type games and hopefully they bring it to AUS otherwise time to import!

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