Rubik's (Companion) Cube

cubedate.jpg Here at Kotaku, we've been inundated with Companion Cube stuff: Companion Cube flash cartoons, Companion Cube cakes, Companion Cube papercraft, Companion Cube parodies of current films, Companion Cube costumes (I don't think we posted any of those), Companion Cube fuzzy and cute plushies ... and now, those of you who are Companion Cube crazy can make your own Companion (Rubik's) Cube! Stephen at Live Granades has complete instructions for making your own custom Rubik's cube, with printable graphics for your very own Companion Cube. The materials list is pretty simple.

1. A Rubik's cube. Our local department store stocks them in the electronic toys section. Sadly, it didn't include a robot to solve it for me. 2. Self-adhesive lamination sheets. Look for ones that are about 3 mils thick or so. Staples and Office Depot has them, as does Hobby Lobby and other scrapbooking-centric stores. 3. A sharp X-Acto knife. And it'd better be sharp. Don't use something you'd be ashamed to bring to a knife fight in the arts & crafts room. 4. A metal ruler. You're going to need to cut very straight lines, and it's best if you cut the paper and not the ruler. 5. Double-sided tape. Get the kind that has one side covered with a peel-off back. If you're lazy, like me, you can pick up the small double-sided tape squares they sell scrapbookers for sticking photos into scrapbooks. 6. A craft cutting mat or a big stack of paper so you don't score up your table, desk, or lap.

So get crafting. But first take a look at the photos of Stephen and his Companion Cube, which I thought were quite clever and very funny.

Rubik's Companion Cube, or How to Make a Custom Rubik's Cube [Live Granades via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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