Running On Fumes

To: Ash From: Fahey Re: Mickey Mouse Doesn't Look Like a Mouse

For various and sundry personal reasons, I've been since approximately 7AM yesterday morning. Sometimes it seems like trouble waits until the most inconvenient moment to arise, such as the day before I have to fill in for Crecente and Wilson most of the day. Still, the day wasn't too too rough. I did mange to misname a major upcoming game and post a duplicate story about the Halo lawsuit, and in the process of trying to unpublish it managed to somehow burn it into the site permanently, but other than that I think it's been pretty smooth.

Mind you, I don't even know how I am managing to type this sentence right now. Lifting my fingertips from the keyboard alone is taking a monumental effort, and my thoughts seem to keep trailing off in the middle of

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