SCEA Ad Agency Given The Arse?

FIRED.jpgTBWA/Chiat/Day are Sony Computer Entertainment America's ad agency. Have been for 13 years now, from the launch of the original PlayStation through to the swirly black octopus-looking PS3 ads you're seeing on your TVs and internets today. But if some "inside sources" from the advertising scene are to be believed, they've been given the boot by Sony following a review of the company's $US 150 million advertising account. Neither TBWA nor Sony have been able to confirm this, but if said insiders are on the money, either Publicis in the West (those paper cut-out HP ads) or Deutsch (Ikea) will now be handing the account. Sadly, this move does not adversely affect SCEE's This Is Living campaign, which is free to continue to confuse/horrify audiences the world over.

Sony Drops TBWA From PlayStation Review [Advertising Age, via GameDaily]


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