SCEA Keeping Mum On New PS2 Model

whiteps2.jpgWe know Japan's getting a new PS2. SCEE have confirmed Europe will be getting it too, sometime early next year. But what about the US? As was the case with the 40GB PS3, SCEA are keeping their gobs shut, preferring to let us all speculate madly on a price, colours and release date rather than do the honourable thing and just let us all know.

We haven't announced anything, the only new PS2 we've announced is the new limited edition SingStar bundle that started shipping this week.

Can't be that hard to let us know, SCEA. Sony Japan managed. Guessing gets boring after a while. SCEA Cagey About New PS2 Model [1UP]


    i wonder when it's coming to aus? i don't know if it's worth holding out for... if it's launched in 1 month's time i'll wait it out, but if it's six i don't want to waste my time pondering over whether to just buy the power brick model...

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