Shokotan Looks For Akiba's King Nerd

That's admitted cat-head-swallower-turned-mainstream-idol Shoko Nakagawa finding bigger nerds than her! She encounters some dude playing Taiko no Tatsujin blindfolded, nerd group dancers and another dude (with no teeth) cosplaying as anime character Haruhi Suzumiya. She then dresses up as a life-sized Evangelion figurine. None of the passer-byers think that, you know, a real human being would actually do that. A chubby guy finally recognises her. Good for him! He's even dressed as his own self-created character called A-Hero (Akihabara Hero) and protects the Akiba "holy land" by walking around from store-to-store with other nerds. He's even got his own slogan and poses. Uh-huh yep yep.

Shokotan Searches [Japan Sugoi]


    Akiba might've sold out, but the otaku haven't.

    lol at a writer for a game news website calling them "nerds". Pot, meet kettle...

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