Sick Of Waiting For Halo, Peter Jackson Goes And Makes Something Else

giantpJface.jpgDoesn't look like he's fighting that hard. Rather than wait around for some studio to agree to Microsoft's unreasonable demands for a Halo movie, Peter Jackson has added to the list of his "things to do before I do a Halo movie". Along with original Halo director Neil Blomkamp, they're apparently working on some movie called DISTRICT 9, with Jackson producing and Blomkamp to direct. DISTRICT 9 should be filming in South Africa, and when you add in Jackson's work on Lovely Bones, as well as rumours of Tintin and Dambusters movies, this all goes a ways towards killing the whole idea of a Peter Jackson Halo project. At least while we're all still young enough to remember what Halo was. Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson getting a new flick off the ground called DISTRICT 9 [AICN, thanks Fernando!]


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