Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

japan_stock.jpgGood news for multi-billion dollar revenue making hardware manufacturers! This week's Japanese hardware sales chart, courtesy of Media Create, shows that everyone had a pretty decent week. Well, at least better than last. This week may signal the end of the Wii's low point, as Super Mario Galaxy is due to influence next week's sales.

The PlayStation 3 has narrowed the weekly sales gap between it and Nintendo's console by some 9,000, a marked improvement from the 90,000 unit disparity from the springtime. Even the old 360 is hangin' on to 3,000 territory. Is the playing field leveling somewhat in Japan?

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 76,243
  • PSP - 59,792
  • Wii - 27,502
  • PlayStation 3 - 18,785
  • PlayStation 2 - 11,698
  • Xbox 360 - 3,718

Weekly Sales [Media Create]


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