Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

ace_combat_6_jp.jpgWhat a difference a week can make. While sales of the Wii were bumped unimpressively by about 10,000 from last week on the release of Super Mario Galaxy in Japan, it's Ace Combat 6 that had the impact of a sonic boom on hardware. Last week's Xbox 360 sales were fairly high (in the upper 3,000s) but this week, sales of Microsoft's gaijin console are in the stratosphere. Relatively, that is. Ace Combat 6's debut, alongside a handful of new budget priced games, pushed Xbox 360 sales past the PlayStation 3's, selling 17,673 consoles from October 29 to November 4. That's a 475% increase! It looks like Microsoft Japan may have a winner.

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 78,552
  • PSP - 59,714
  • Wii - 37,617
  • Xbox 360 - 17,673
  • PlayStation 3 - 17,434
  • PlayStation 2 - 10,209
  • Game Boy Advance SP - 206

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    That literally made me say "Wow"

    A ~500% increase in sales for any console is always a massive bonus. Japan even likes Ace Combat 6 more than halo 3. This is also coupled with the recently released Xbox 360 elite.

    It will be interesting next week also with the ps3 practically staging a second launch with the release of the white ps3 (with Dynasty Warriors 6 bundle) and the Dual Shock 3.

    Another interesting thing to note in the sales is the Wii. Sure, its still doing stellar but by it's own standards its doing fairly rubbish. The only reason I can guess is that everyone already owns one but that never stopped the DS.

    Its certainly an awesome time to be a gamer in Japan.

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