Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

japps3launch.jpgGo on. Pick your mouths up off the floor. They'll get all dirty, then you'll get sick, and nobody wants to be sick at this time of year. Especially when people ask you how you got sick, and you have to tell them it's because you care too damn much about the Japanese hardware charts and went and freaked out upon seeing that not only had the PS3 beaten the Wii again, but that the PSP had nearly caught the DS. And that's not relying on new colours or a Final Fantasy game. Those are regular, old-fashioned sales.

DS Lite: 76069 PSP: 65609 PS3: 39178 Wii: 36230 PS2: 8855 360: 6525 GBA SP: 153 GameCube: 38 DS Phat: 15


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