Singapore Lifts Mass Effect Lesbian Ban

mechatty-thumb.jpgIt seems like only a couple days ago that Singapore's Media Development Authority announced a ban on BioWare's Mass Effect for the Xbox 360 due to hot, steamy, eye color-changing alien lesbian sex scenes. Perhaps between Monday and today they caught a glimpse at one of the clips of the scene online and realised it wasn't so bad. Perhaps the MDA got a little overexcited. Either way, today they've reversed said ban, allowing implied cross-species lovemaking to rain over Singapore like fairy dust, along with an M18 rating.

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) said in a statement on Friday evening that it will selectively use games ratings to 'enable highly anticipated games to be launched in Singapore' until it puts in place a games classification system in January.

The claim to be using the game as an example of the effectiveness of the upcoming games rating system for the games industry and the public at large, but we know better. Come on MDA, it's natural to have these feelings. It's part of growing up. A beautiful thing.

MDA lifts ban on game with same-sex love scene [The Straits Times via GameAxis] Thanks Tan!


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