SingStar PS3 Gets Release Date, World's Worst Box Art

singstarbox.jpg Guess the game's done, with SCEE announcing through official blog Threespeech that SingStar for the PS3 will be launching in Europe on December 7. Just in time to sell a few hundred thousand PS3s before Christmas! To celebrate the whole money-printing, unit-shifting affair, SCEE have commissioned the worst box art in the history of mankind. What is this, 1997? Are Embrace making a comeback? Jesus. They'll also be running a "studio" session at the O2 Arena in London, where you can go book a studio, play some SingStar and get dressed up like the pop sensation only you and your bathroom mirror think you are. SingStar UK Release Date Confirmed [Three Speech]


    Ahhh! Sorry, box art startled me.

    Can't say I'm a fan of the singstar franchise. Just not my cup of tea gov. But heres hoping it sells like hotcakes for sony's sake.

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