Skin Your Rock Band

rockbandskins.jpgIf you happened to name your Rock Band "Add Your Band Name," then you're in luck, because Digital Camo already has your custom Rock Band bass drum attachment in their system. It's part of a total drum kit customisation package they have going on sale on the 1st of December, which includes options to skin your stand and drum heads along with the nifty personalised bass drum attachment, created from lightweight plastic and fastened to the front of your kit with the magic of velcro.

Tack on the already available guitar and Xbox 360 skins, and you've got the makings of your own rock legend. No one will ever forget the name "Add Your Band Name". Hit the jump to see how the drum heads look all gussied up. bluedrumskin.jpgI'm wondering how those heads are going to hold up to my frenzied-Muppet drumming technique. Luckily they're relatively cheap at $US 14.99 for the head kit, $US 19.99 for the bass drum attachment, and $US 12.99 for the stand decals. Add on the guitar and Xbox 360 skins for $US 14.99 and $US 24.99 respectively, and you've got a lovely Christmas present for the gamer who went and ruined your gift idea by picking up the game early.

Digital Camo also has skins available for all Guitar Hero controllers, so there's no real excuse not to colour coordinate. After gazing at these pictures, I am almost ashamed to go back to playing my naked drum set in the living room. Almost.

Digital Camo Skins Product Page [Digital Camo]


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