Some Guitar Hero Bundles Lack The Bundle

0004787595249_L4.jpgApparently some Guitar Hero III bundles are missing the game. As reported by our sister site The Consumerist, an EB Games employee looked on as his manager opened every Xbox 360 GH3 bundle box they had following a customer complaint, finding that none of them had the game inside. The kicker? Due to EB Games policy, the customer couldn't return the product (even in light of certain evidence). Shame on EB Games? Yeah, but bigger shame on the customer for giving in. Unless, of course, the guy was lying and the missing games were just an incredible coincidence. Buyers beware. Open GH3 in the store or suffer from a potentially lethal mix of bad luck and assholedom. Open Guitar Hero III Inside The Store, Some Boxes May Be Empty [via gaygamer]


    The problem is probably caused by the fact that the bundle and the single guitar have the exact same inner box, and only the cardboard sleeve on the outside is different...

    I bought a bundle and a separate guitar, and the separate guitar even had the small inside cardboard box section that contained the game in the bundle... it was empty though. It sounds as though someone at the factory either by accident or design has put the wrong sleeves on the boxes.

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