Some Punctuation On Yahtzee's Art Of Theft

Over at The Independent Gaming Source, indie game developer Derek Yu has decided to give Ben Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation a taste of his own medicine. When Yahtzee isn't busy trying achieve the same results on all five dice, he creates his own games like The Art of Theft, which comes under scrutiny in this apt parody of his own rapid-speaking flash game reviews. Of course it loses something by not being particularly British at all, but Derek makes up for it by getting the opening and closing music bits right as well as being one of the developers of Aquaria, so it all balances out in the end.

Some Punctuation: The Art of Theft [The Independent Gaming Source - Thanks Randy!]


    I didn't laugh at anything in this video it also went for too long.

    Was this meant to be funny?

    Umm, yes, not actually Derek Yu. It seems this post still exists on the Australian version of Kotaku.

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