Sonic Loses to Mario Once Again

1889669666_4cf6d4b817.jpg That mass of red T-shirts pouring booze into Mario's mouth is Team Mario. Look how happy they appear! They were victorious. Sonic? He and Team Sonic lost in a special competition SEGA UK had to promote Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games. British tabloid The Sun sent along some pin-up girls, who wore red shirts (and thus, were part of the Mario Team by default). Some of the events include thug-of-war, climbing-up-an-inflated-thingy-covered-with-soap and penguin sumo wresting. You think we are kidding about the penguin sumo wrestling? We are so not. That, after the jump.

1888084361_b6e28ca135.jpg Something Odd [UKR]Images]


    Lies lies lies!
    Sonic was just too busy hanging with his mulitracial posse of tabloid models to do some stupid egg-and-spoon race!

    Just you wait, one day Sonic will come back and show you all, and then nobody will laugh at me and steal my lunchbox in the playground!

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