Sony Announce New PSP Battery Pack

slimbattpack.jpgBack in July, we let you know that if you used the battery from an old, fat PSP in your new, slim PSP, it would give you a lot more juice. Only problem was, using the old battery - which is a lot larger - meant the battery cover from your PSP-2000 wouldn't fit. Aesthetic crisis! Or should we say, crisis averted: Sony have gone and done the sensible thing and announced the PSP Extended Life Battery Kit, which gives users not only an improved model of the old PSP's battery, but a special cover so your svelte PSP Slim can actually house the thing.

Sony claim that PSP Slim users will see their battery life doubled, while owners of an old PSP (which this battery is compatible with) can expect a little less. The pack includes one battery and two covers (one in piano black, one in silver), and will ship in mid-December for $US 45.


    Wow now you can buy a kit for a problem that should of been fixed in the PSP revision in the first place?

    You do realise this is Sony's attempt to destroy the Pandora's battery. For all of you who don't know, you can modify PSP batteries to downgrade a PSP. It makes the battery fairly redundant, but can be reused. Sony probably fixed the fault and now release THIS!

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